WinRAR | Review

WinRAR is an easy to use interface that can decompress most all archive formats. It can also compress formats including RAR and ZIP at a faster pace than most archiving utilities. It also has the ability to view files without decompressing, which comes in handy for users paranoid that the music album they just downloaded contains a virus. In conclusion WinRAR’s compression ratio’s are far better than its competitors. So start creating your archives with WinRAR at only $29 for the full version it is a bargain.” (”

WinRAR is a very useful program if you send files frequently over the internet. It allows you to compress large files and make the file size smaller. This is useful because it will take less time to send these smaller files, compared to the originals. Say for instance, you needed to host files on a server for a business, instead of the worker having to wait to download a much larger file, they could download a smaller, more compressed file. You can try WinRAR for free during a trial period. Once the trial is finished, you can buy WinRAR for only 29$ from their official website.

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