Pandora app | Review


Pandora is a popular, well known way to stream radio stations for all your favorite artists. Now with this app, you can listen to your favorite artists anywhere. You will need a account in order to use the Pandora app on your phone. There are some ads between songs occasionally, but this is to keep the service free. Overall, this app is great for anyone who loves music on the go.

Adobe Reader app | Review


Adobe Reader is a program well known on computers for viewing .PDF files. This app will be able to read PDF files on your phone so you don’t need access to a computer. This is really helpful for people who have to keep documents for business with them if they ever need them. The app itself is pretty explanatory, once you have the PDF files on your phone, all you have to do is open them inside the app to read them. Overall this app is very helpful for having your documents with you where ever you go.

JuiceDefender – battery saver | Review


JuiceDefender is a great app for anyone with a smart phone. If you have one, you know that all the apps drain the battery pretty fast. This app will adjust settings on your phone such as brightness, screen timeout, etc. All these adjustments can add valuable time to your phones battery life. Overall, this app is great for anyone wanting to extend the life of their phone battery.

Sky Map app | Review,2817,2348372,00.asp


Ever wanted to know whats up in the sky? like stars, planets, and even meteor showers? Then Sky Map is for you! Sky Maps lets you use your phones gps and compass data to pinpoint the location of stars and planets, and shows you in the sky where they are. This really is great app if you want to have some funny looking for constellations like the big dipper and more. This app is made by Google so you know it’s reliable. Overall, this app is great for anyone that wants to learn more about whats in the sky.

Antivirus Free – Lookout app | Review

Antivirus Free – Lookout keeps your phone safe and free from viruses and malware. This app mostly scans all the apps on the phone and checks for anything that looks suspicious, like something that is invading your personal information. Every time you download an app from the app store, the antivirus app will scan the new file and make sure its clean. This is really great for everyone because it keeps their phone safe and secure. Overall, this app does a great job of keeping phones safe from viruses.

Advanced Task Killer app | Review


Ever wonder why your phone battery is dying, when it seems like nothing is running? Most people think that when they cl0se the app, everything stops. This however is not true, when you close the app, the process may still be running, continuing to drain your battery. What this app does is kill all those hidden processes killing your battery life! All you need to do is open it, check the apps you want to end, and select kill, it really is that simple. This can save battery life and extend the use of your phone. This app is perfect for anyone with a smart phone.

Youtube app | Review

The Youtube app is a great way to stay connected with all the videos you love to watch on Youtube, on your phone. This app keeps track of all your subscriptions, favorites, and playlists. The app also lets you view your own channel and see if your videos have got any views. The app is surprisingly fast and everything feels great. You can leave comments for videos you find funny, and like or dislike the video. Overall, this app is great for anyone that loves Youtube.

Wikipedia app | Review


The Wikipedia app is smaller version of the website everyone has probably been on at one time or another. Wikipedia is the largest community-written encyclopedia on the internet. If you ever need to look something up on the go, this app will make it easy. The app even lets you translate any of the articles into many languages. Overall, this app does exactly what the browser version does and quite well if I may say so myself.